My brother was a bastard

When I was about eight, I think, I shared an attic bedroom with my brother.

The room was a plaster board construction at one end of the roof space. To get to it you had to go through a part of the attic that was still just gloomy attic, lit by one inadequate bulb, and full of stored furniture and other junk behind which anything could lurk.

Worse were the horrible dark tunnels made by the spaces between the room and the roof which were sometimes full of strange rustlings. I knew it was just nesting birds really.

This would have been bad enough but my brother used to tell me tales of the Jawsies which were skulls with huge teeth that floated around in the dark ripping out peoples' throats.

I hated going to bed.

Last year I found this on the net and discovered what the Jawsies looked like.
Skull picture link by courtesy of Will Higgs,
I expect Will would like me to point out that his is a serious scientific site. I added the eyeballs and blood myself.